Ibram X. Kendi

New Position

Professor of History and International Relations
Founding Director of the Anti-Racist Research and Policy Center

American University
Washington D.C.

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Book Release
The Bodley Head
July 5

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Paper Release
Nation Books
August 15

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Next Events

July 21 | Grace Farms | New Canaan, CT

Aug 2 | AAAM Conference | Washington, DC

Aug 23 | Politics & Prose Bookstore | Washington, DC


New Essay

How to Avoid a Post-Scholar America

"Scholars can defend truth, if they can only yank themselves out of their conferences, their journals, and their academic jargon. Now more than ever before, scholars must be at the forefront of public debate. This means more public scholarship, not more public scholars. The distinction is a crucial one. Public scholars are known by the public. Public scholarship directly impacts the public."

The Chronicle of Higher Education | June 2017

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